• Consultation
  • Redesign
  • Alterations
  • Consolidation
  • Counter Sketching
  • Budget Balancing
  • CAD Rendering
  • Style Matching
  • and more...

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What is Consolidative Design?

Consolidative Design is the cost-effective process of combining pieces of jewelry articles that you already own. Earrings that have lost their mate can be reused to make entirely new, and beautiful pieces.

What is CAD?

Computer Aided Design is the process of using computer programs to render a 3D model of a piece of jewelry.

Style Matching:

Take difficult-to-wear jewelry that doesn't go with your other pieces, and design a new piece of jewelry to match it using similar colors, gemstones, and styles-christmas.

Budget Balancing:

Budget consultations will help you to trim costs on certain materials while making little sacrifice to the beauty of the piece.

Alterations vs. Redesign:

Make additions to a pre-existing piece of jewelry, adding features for beauty or safety, or completely redesign your jewelry by recreating it with different gemstones, colors, or styles-christmas.

Counter Sketching:

A skilled jeweler can sketch your ideas with a knowledgeable outlook, using settings and styles-christmas that are architecturally sound to help you realize your dream in a practical implementation.

Design Timeline

  • Mockup:

  • 3D Rendering:
    1-1/2 wks

  • Casting Wax:
    1-1/2 wks

  • Creation:
    1-2 wks

  • Total:
    apx 1 month

Custom Design

Create jewelry using your own design ideas!

Turn your Concept into a Creation!

Custom design is an amazing solution to inventing unique and personalized jewelry that is rich in meaning and true to self. Using our custom design process, you can make your dreams a reality. Liven up an old piece of jewelry with new garnishes and features. Reinvent your pieces and even turn broken, useless jewelry items into something new, radiant, and exciting. Our simple process, which takes about a month from start to finish, is bound to give you the piece you want at a price you can afford. Turn your concept into a creation, and read up on our process below!

The Customization Process :

The customization process is a collection of simple steps that will ensure that you, our designer, are able to make your dreams a reality! Though the process usually only takes about a month, please leave plenty of time so that you have the opportunity to make changes and adjustments to suit your purposes.

  • Counter Sketching and Design Consultation :

  • Example of counter sketching at Corwin's Jewelers

    Probably the most creative step in the whole process, your design consultation will open a dialog between you, and our experienced jeweler, to produce the blueprint that will realize your creation. Our GIA graduated jeweler, Travis, knows how to apply your idea in a mathematical, and architecturally sound fashion. He'll ask you detailed questions about shank styles-christmas, gemstone cuts, embellishments, and more. He'll provide you with a wealth of examples to show you what your options are, while the two of you work together to determine the finer details of your design. Concerned about your budget? Don't be. A budget consultation is available to you now, or after the rendering process. Our jeweler will discuss cost-effective solutions that will help you to stay within your price range, without sacrificing the beauty of your piece.
    Time Estimate: Immediate, by appointment

  • Rendering :

  • Example of counter sketching at Corwin's Jewelers

    If the last stage was the most creative step of the design process, this stage is the most illuminating one. Watch as we bring your creation to life with our advanced CAD technology. You'll see 3D representations of your ring, as bold and beautiful as the real thing. If you need more advice on budget balancing, this is the time to bring it up!
    Time Estimate: 1 - 1 1/2 Weeks

  • Creating a Wax:

  • Lets bring your creation to life! A wax mold of your piece will be produced to help you see, feel, and touch your jewelry-to-be. This wax casting of your jewelry allows you to try it on for fit and design. There are still plenty of time for changes, even at this stage, so don't worry if it doesn't come out quite the way you had anticipated!
    Time Estimate: 1 - 1 1/2 Weeks

  • Implementation :

  • Its time to make your concept a creation! Implementing your design is quite the task! Your piece is casted, refinished, assembled, polished, and gemstones may be set, or plating may be performed (as per your design) - but let us worry about that. At the end of it all, we have your work of art to show for it. At Corwin's, this is by far our favorite step, because we love to see our customers expressions as they see their creation come to life!
    Time Estimate: 1-2 weeks
    Guide to gemstone cuts

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